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DroidSheep Alternatives: Droidsheep is an android tool that is used for hijacking the web session. Droidsheep can capture all the sessions using the libcap library and also supports open networks WEP encrypted networks WPA and WPA2 encrypted networks. But we also have alternatives of Droidsheep which are better than Droidsheep or if not better but as good as Droidsheep.


Best similar apps like DroidSheep?

The best alternatives of Droidsheep which offers better experience are as follows:-


It is an app that has a collection of multiple tools for various ethical hackers, penetration testers and IT professionals. In Hackode there are three modules namely- Reconnaissance, Scanning and Security feed. Hackode is one of the best alternative of Droidsheep and it offers functionalities like Google hacking, DNS lookup, feed, exploits, MX records, Scanning, SQL injection, Security RSS feed, etc.


It is on of the top android hacking app and also among the best alternative of the Droidsheep app. FaceNiff allows you to intercept and sniff the Wi-Fi network traffic. FaceNiff is the hacker’s favourite tool as it steal cookies from the Wi-Fi___33 network and gives an attacker the unauthorized access to someone’s account. FaceNiff is widely used for snooping into people’s Twitter, Facebook and various other social media accounts.


The RAT in AndroRAT stands for Remote Administrative tools. AndroRAT is the top most and free hacking tool and it aims to give the user control of the Android system remotely in order to fetch information from it. AndroRAT app runs as a service just after the boot of the device and so the user does not need to interact with the service. AndroRAT offers functionalities like collecting of information like call logs, contacts, messages and locations. It also allows to remotely manage or monitor the messages and the state of the phone, make a phone call and send texts, take pictures from the camera, etc.


It is an app that offers the dynamic analysis of the android applications and by using the app one can get the wide range of results about the hashes for the apk package, network traffic, etc. This top notch app also give you the ability to visualize the behaviour of the Android app package.

The above mentioned apps are among the best listed alternatives of the Droidsheep and gives you the best of experience with the hacking tools that they offer to their users and also these apps are made for ethical hacking not for misusing of accounts.

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